Sha’an d’Anthes

Illustrator. Children's Author.
Watercolour Extraordinaire.


A little bit about Sha’an...

Sha'an's obsession with creating art started at an early age, and is the foundation of her work today which explores and plays with themes of nature, nostalgia, and childhood. In 2011, she began creating under the pseudonym Furry Little Peach, and has since built a following of hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

When CuddleCo first approached Sha'an about collaborating together on a play mat, Sha'an had just published her illustrated children's book - ZOOM. The decision to work together came naturally, as our motivations and missions aligned perfectly.

For a parent to give us the opportunity to provide the backdrop for a child's development is a great privilege, and is something that fills us with a deep sense of responsibility and appreciation.

Just as Sha'an's love of art at an early age nurtured her creativity and gifted her with happy memories, we hope that the play mats we've created together may also contribute in some small way to the development of every child that grows up with a CuddleCo play mat, and leaves them with fond memories they can look back upon.

Handcrafted illustrations.

Best known for her gorgeous works with water colour, Sha'an created a beautiful and whimsical illustration that distils her signature style, and brings Australia's iconic flora and fauna to life.

Join us as we visit Sha'an at her studio in Sydney as she takes us on a journey behind her creative process.