Three baby whisperers that’ll help your baby sleep, eat and reach milestones (for free).

When you become a mother, you’re suddenly bombarded with parenting advice from your aunty, friends, your mother’s group, Instagram, the news and that very chatty cashier at your local supermarket. While it’s all well-meaning, sometimes it can be unbelievably overwhelming. Which brings us to the big question here: whose advice should you actually listen to when it comes to all things baby-related?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up three experts who share practical, easy-to-digest advice for those days when you just need someone to explain what the hell a ‘dream feed’ is.

1. Midwife Cath

With over 40 years of experience as a midwife, Cath Curtin, or Midwife Cath as she’s affectionately known, is an authority on all things baby. Whether you gave birth naturally, had all of the drugs during labour or underwent a cesarean, or you breastfed, mix-fed or bottle fed, Midwife Cath has non-judgey, practical and factual advice. Head to her website or Instagram for nuggets of baby-raising gold, and if you become a fangirl (it’s highly likely) her parenting bibles The First Six Weeks and After The First Six Weeks are brilliant.

2. Annabel Karmel

It’s a dilemma every mother faces: your baby reaches that lovely four month mark and suddenly it’s time to think about feeding them, you know, actual food. So what do you give them? How much do you feed them? And how often do you do it? Thankfully, best-selling author and baby feeding expert Annabel Karmel can help. Over 25 years Annabel has penned 41 children’s cookbooks and her website is a treasure trove of advice for parents wanting to know how to introduce their baby to food. A word of warning? Her baby puree recipes are so delicious you might find yourself polishing them off.

3. Pinky McKay

In a sea of baby experts, Pinky McKay stands out - and not just because of her signature bright pink hair. The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and parenting expert delivers brilliant, pragmatic and supportive sleeping and feeding advice and does so in a witty, down-to-earth style via her website. Plus, she’s a TedX speaker, best-selling author of four books and founder of lactation cookie company Boobie Bikkies (yes, we can vouch for the fact they’re delicious)

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