How to create a fun kids’ playroom that suits your grown-up aesthetic, too.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when you become a parent, owning nice things becomes rather difficult. A chic white lounge? Fodder for grubby fingers. Precious decorative ornaments? You’re asking for trouble. A space with no hint of Peppa Pig paraphernalia whatsoever?? It’s just not feasible. 

While it might seem impossible, we’re here to tell you that play spaces can be both fun for kids and aesthetically pleasing for parents. Here’s how…

1. Toy storage is key

If parents earned a dollar every time they stepped on a rogue piece of Duplo we’d all be relaxing on our private island in the Bahamas right now. Our point? Get amongst toy storage. Lots of it. If the bright, colourful chaos of your kids’ toy collection doesn’t match the aesthetic of your room, opt for big wicker or woven baskets in neutral colours, or cute cubes that will help to stow items away when playtime is over.

2. Invest in a protective, chic play mat

Traditional rugs just don’t cut it in playrooms as they don’t offer any cushioning or support for little ones who are prone to bumps, rolling and exploring. Keep your space safe with CuddleCo cushioned play mats. The best part? They’re beautifully designed by Australian artists so are both bub and parent-friendly. They’re 100% non-toxic, reversible, ultra-soft and supportive. Plus, they’re spill-proof - which means you never need to worry about baby puree staining your rug again.

3. Removable wall decals

To keep little imaginations inspired, consider adding a tasteful removable wall decal that complements your colour scheme. You can chop and change designs based on what you and your bub feel like. Brilliant.

4. Book-friendly shelves

Dr Seuss was on the money when he said: “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” Books play a huge part in your child’s development and there are few things more cosy than curling up and reading with your little one. Ensure books are on display, by installing some shallow book ledges (these fit well behind doors if you’re short on space) or adding a tiered bookshelf to your room.

5. Get arty

Your child’s artwork enclosed in a chic frame will add oodles of personality to your playroom. Grab an art smock and some paints that will work with your room’s aesthetic and let your mini Picasso get to work. It’s affordable, fun and looking at it hanging on your wall will be a constant reminder of an afternoon well spent with your little one.

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