An Interview With Mollie Li, Founder of NUBO

We sat down with Mollie Li, Chief Imagination Officer and founder of NUBO, an amazing indoor play space located in Alexandria and Chatswood Chase, Sydney. We asked her about her experiences with early learning development and what it means to keep little ones holistically entertained.

1. Firstly, can you sum up NUBO for us in three words? 

Nurturing - Inspiring - Creative

kids playing at nubo

2. How did you come up with NUBO and what inspired the concept?

When I became a parent I realised how much learning I needed to do to provide the best start for my child. However, I quickly discovered there was a lack of purposeful places that I could go to connect with, and lean on, other mums. There was nowhere that both my child and I could both learn and play together – we had to choose one or the other. So, I created NUBO to fill the void – a village where we can, as families, support one another whilst simultaneously using imagination and creative spaces to learn skills and explore and play together.

nubo indoor play centre

3. And you did an amazing job! Since creating NUBO, what's most important when it comes to childhood development and learning? 

For me, it's all about nourishing a child as much as you can in those early years! Learning and playing holistically really does create solid foundations so they can grow into wholesome and well-rounded individuals. Letting children freely use their curiosity to explore, create and connect works wonders for their development.

nubo play centre

4. Speaking of keeping kids curious, do you have a quick tip for keeping them happy in a pinch?

It’s great to always have imaginative ideas up your sleeve – but that doesn’t mean you need fancy equipment. Simple household items fused together can craft magical things to be played with for hours - like an empty bottle, food colouring, water and glitter to make a sensory ‘lava lamp’.

kids playing in activity room

5. Lastly, what do you think of the CuddleCo playmats? Do they fit with the NUBO philosophy?

Yes most definitely - we love that they are non-toxic and the addition of featured artists for the designs is very aligned with our eco and our creative ethos. And we love how they feel – so soft for little ones!

A big thanks to Mollie and the team at NUBO for interviewing with us and supplying the images. You can check out the NUBO play spaces at Chatswood Chase and Alexandria at

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